Keynote Speaker

Dr. Sam Richards

is an award-winning sociologist, speaker, and teaching professor at Penn State University who instructs the largest race and cultural relations course in the United States. With nearly 800 students each semester and a 30-year legacy, SOC 119 was the subject of an Emmy Award winning television broadcast called, “You Can’t Say That.” This course is currently live streamed to the world (and 60,000 subscribers from 160 countries) every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (EST) at the class YouTube channel. Sam’s videos have generated over 70 million views on various platforms. His willingness to take risks and challenge orthodox thinking is what led him to be named one of the “101 Most Dangerous Professors in America” and the “face of critical race theory.” He obtained his Ph.D. from Rutgers University with a focus on socioeconomic development of Africa and Latin America, but this stage in his career Sam considers himself to be a generalist who thinks about a wide range of issues impacting people around the world. Arguing that empathy is the core of sociology, his “Radical Experiment in Empathy” is one of the most widely viewed TEDx talks online, having reached over 4 million people. As the Co-Founder at the World in Conversation Center for Public Diplomacy, Sam co-directed an innovative research project sponsored by NATO’s Science for Peace and Security Programme to develop a virtual, facilitated cross-cultural dialogue tool for NATO military personnel and civilians in conflict zones. His work has been reported on in The New York Times, MSNBC, The Christian Science Monitor, and PBS, as well as numerous other national and international media outlets in Colombia, Korea, and throughout the Middle East.



Mr. KIM Hongki

Starting with years in Good Concert in 1999, Kim Hongki had an extensive experience in different areas within the music industry, including A&R, concerts, IT, content creation, and marketing during the years working for LOEN Entertainment, Naver Music and Kakao. This well-rounded talent introduced Dingo Music in 2015 during his years with a start-up with focus on content creation, MakeUs and took charge in planning and producing Vertical Live and Tipsy Live. winning awards in one of the three major global ad festivals, New York Festival.
Kim moved on to start a start-up focusing on music in 2017, SpaceOddity to showcase a variety of contents themed around music, including Digging Club Seoul and AZIT LIVE and launched K-Pop Radar in 2019 and Blip – For Smart K-Pop Stans in 2020.
The app serving K-Pop fans, Blip won the top prize in “ChangGoo Start-up Program” jointly hosted by Google Play and the Ministry of SMEs and Start-ups in Korea and garners popularity among Generation Z.

Topic : ‘Landscape of K-POP’

Focus session : Woman in K-Wave

Ms. KIM Eunjung

A female leader who has written the history of K-Pop with artists and fans in the field of media platforms such as CJ E&M, MTV KOREA, SBS Medianet, and T-Cast. She also has carried out various projects such as content-based integrated marketing communication (IMC) for domestic and global advertisers. Currently, she is a director of Cube Entertainment, planning and producing movies, dramas, and reality shows such as <Cine de Rama> and <A gift box for (G)I-DLE> and also is in charge of planning new albums and distribution and marketing for domestic and also global platforms. She has been also building up new advertising and additional revenue models for affiliated artists, BTOB, PENTAGON, (G)I-DLE, LIGHTSUM, and other idol groups.

Ms. PARK Jung-hyun

is in charge of the content business as co-CEO of Mr.Romance, the production company responsible for Kang Full’s drama adaptation of <Moving>, premiering on Disney+ early next year. Following History Channel’s ‘Travel Diary Seoul Edition’ that starred Karina & Mclnnis, <Hidden Season 2> is currently in production and will be soon aired on Discovery Channel Asia. As MTV Asia’s Director of Global Partnerships, she worked on global projects for Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai Motor. She also served as Vice President of Overseas Strategy at Mocha (Chinese Mobile Beauty App) and Director of Sales at Google Korea. From working on multiple global projects, she realized that unique Korean content has gained significance on the global level and is successfully establishing her business strategy in the field.

Ms. KANG Jihyun

is CEO & Managing Partner of Serviceplan Korea. Starting in global brand sales & marketing in her 20s, Julie gained excellent insights to analyze the integrated demands of clients and consumers, leading innovative campaigns and achieving accolades in the Korean advertising industry. In 2012, after 11 successful years in advertising and marketing while working for major brands like BMW and IKEA, she became the youngest female board member of any advertising agency in Korea with her appointment to General Manager at Serviceplan Korea. She was also named the first Korean Female Influencer by Little Black Book in 2017. She played an instrumental role in incubating the startup Dot Incorporation, starting from the Dot Watch to the more recent Dot Pad. These innovative initiatives have won Serviceplan Korea & Group over 100 international awards including Gold & a Titanium Cannes Lions.

Talk to Talk

🔹 Youngmi Kim (CEO of MUSHROOM)
🔹 Sam Richards (Professor of Pennsylvania State University)


Track1_Acceptance and embracing of Hallyu

Mr. Vincenzo Cicchelli

is an Associate Professor at the Université de Paris Cité and a Research Fellow at the Centre Population et Développement (CEPED) (Université de Paris/Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD). He is the former General Secretary of the European Sociological Association (ESA); the former founder of the ESA research network “Global, Transnational and Cosmopolitan Sociology”; and the former director of the multidisciplinary program “Sociétés Plurielles” (Université Paris Sorbonne Paris Cité). He is currently the Director of International Relations at GRIP (Global Research Institute of Paris, Université de Paris Cité). At Brill, he is the Editor-in-Chief (with Sylvie Octobre) of the “Global Youth Studies”
suite: http://www2.brill.com/gys.

Topic : ‘When Global Hallyu meets Global Youth: reception, amateurship and prosumption’

Dr. Sylvie Octobre

is a researcher at the Department of Studies, Foresights, Statistics and Documentation (Ministry of Culture) and a researcher at the Max Weber center (ENS Lyon).

Topic : ‘When Global Hallyu meets Global Youth: reception, amateurship and prosumption’

Dr. SONG Jungeun

is a researcher at Future Industry Strategy Institution. Previously, Jung Eun Song was a SSK(Social Science Korea) research professor at University of Seoul. She received PhD in cultural policy and arts administration from the Ohio State University. Her research interests are the Korean Wave, cultural industry contents(a webtoon), cultural policy, international cultural exchange, and a glocal culture.

Topic : ‘The influences of K-pop fandom’s participatory cultures in empathy’

Dr. HWANG Seongbin

is a professor of Media Sociology at Rikkyo University, Japan. He received his B.A. in politics from Yonsei University, Korea, and came to Japan as an exchange student in 1990. He holds a doctorate in applied sociology and a master’s degree in sociology from Rikkyo University. He started his teaching and research career at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto in 2000, then moved to Rikkyo University in 2007. During his career, he had visited several universities such as UC San Diego, U.S.A., Simon Fraser University, Canada, Monash University, Australia, and Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan as visiting scholar. His research and publications have dealt extensively with media representation, focusing on the representation of ‘otherness’ and national identity. His current research topics include the perception of China/Chinese: a comparative study in East Asia.

Topic : ‘Embracing K-Drama again under the Covid 19 Pandemic – Why Korean dramas became popular again in Japanese society


🔹 Sam Richards (Professor of Pennsylvania State University)


🔹 Sang Min Shim (Professor of Sungshin Women’s U)
🔹 Ophélie Surcouf (writer/journalist, France)
🔹 Carlos GORITO (Education Advisor,Embassy of Brazil in Seoul)
🔹 Sebastien Falletti (Korea Correspondent for Figaro)


Track1_Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Special Session

Mr. PARK Chanuk

is director of Cultural Industry Research Center of KCTI(Korea Culture & Tourism Institute). He studied computer science at the undergraduate level and has master’s and doctoral degrees in international business administration. He has been conducting research on convergence fields and developing government policies for various genres of industries such as games, movies, broadcasting, animation, characters, and publications included in the cultural industry. He is an advisory member of MCST(Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), MTIE(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) and MSF(Ministry of Strategy and Finance). His research on Korea content Industry has been published in many policy reports and papers.

Topic : ‘Theoretical framework for online concerts

Dr. KIM Sunhyuk

is Professor in the Department of Public Administration at Korea University, Seoul, Korea. He was Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Southern California, Visiting Professor at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University, and Research Fellow at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University. In 2015-19, he was the Vice President for International Affairs of Korea University. He is the author of The Politics of Democratization in Korea (2000), Economic Crisis and Dual Transition in Korea (2004), and numerous scholarly journal articles and book chapters. His research interests include democracy, civil society, public diplomacy, and soft power. Professor Kim received his MA and PhD in Political Science from Stanford University and BA in Economics from Seoul National University.

Topic : ‘Global Citizenship Taking Roots in Korean Soft Power

Dr. KIM Heesun

is associate professor of ethnomusicology at Kookmin University. She received her BA and MA in Korean music from Seoul National University, and a PhD in ethnomusicology from the University of Pittsburgh. She is former director of the Division of Music Research at the National Gugak Center, and former chair of the ICTMMEA (International Council for Traditional Music, Musics of East Asia). Her research area covers the modern period of Korean music in the Korean peninsula and beyond.

Topic : ‘K-Heritage as the Next Hallyu: Trajectory and Prospects


🔹 Jang Woo Lee (Professor of Kyungpook National U)


🔹 Kyu Sun Hong (Professor of Dongseoul College)
🔹 Ji Hoon Yang, researcher (Korea Culture and Tourism Institute)
🔹 Sung Hee Lim (iRiver Service HQ Director)
🔹 Park Moon-goo (Executive Director, KPMG)


Track2_Sustainability: A new chapter in Hallyu tourism

Dr. PARK Jieun

received her PhD in Geography and has a Masters in tourism from Univ. Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and a Maîtrise in History of Art and Archaeology from Univ. Lyon 2. She is an associate researcher at EIREST, Univ. Paris 1, and she has worked in the field of UNESCO World Heritage, museum and sustainable tourism. Her current research interests include cultural geography and heritage tourism.

Topic : ‘Exploring New Hallyu Tourism by Korean Heritage’

Dr. YOON Hyejin

is a department chair of Global Tourism Contents and the editor-in-chief of the university press and broadcasting center at Baewha Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea. She earned her first Ph.D. in Tourism at Kyung Hee University in Korea and her second Ph.D. in Leisure Behavior at Indiana University-Bloomington in the United States. She also obtained a graduate certificate in Gerontology and Health at IU. Her research interest is Korean contents tourism, leisure/tourist behavior and quality of life, and aging well. She can be contacted at hyejin@baewha.ac.kr

Topic : ‘Temple Stay as K-culture: The Harmonization of Sustainability and Productivity

Dr. CHOI Ayeon

obtained her PhD degree in tourism from Kyunghee University, and her main research area is the sustainability of new Hallyu and cultural tourism contents. She majored in International Events Management at University of Surrey, the United Kingdom for her Master’s degree.

Topic : ‘The Cultural Sustainability of New K-Tourism

Dr. LEE Gyumin

is currently an associate professor in the School of Hospitality Management at Kyung Hee University of South Korea, doing research on foodservice management and gastronomy. He earned his doctorate in hospitality and tourism management at Virginia Tech, USA. He has been studying the globalization and restaurant business of Korean food. Based on his experience as a director in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, he will be able to provide insightful implications regarding K-food related policies and overseas expansion.

Topic : ‘The Dissemination Strategy of K-Food

Dr. KIM Jangwon

is a Senior Director of Global destination marketing institute. and conducting various research projects from government sectors, aside from research Dr. Kim is teaching MICE sector in graduate school of kyunghee university and Chungwoon uninversity.

Topic : ‘Quality of Life Subjective Expectations and Exchange from Hosting Mega-Events


🔹 Cheol Won Kim (Professor of Kyunghee University)


🔹 Young Moon Kim (CEO of Mayfield Hotel, Associate Chair of WAHS)
🔹 Joo Hyung Han (Professor of Kangwon National University)
🔹 Ki Tak Choi (Professor of Sookmyung Women’s University)
🔹 Yong Gun Suh (Professor of Jeju University)


Track2_Change Makers in Industry: Hallyu

Dr. HAN Yujin

Ph.D. in Technology and Management Professor, School of Global Service, Sookmyung Women’s University

Topic : ‘K-Enprepreneurship for the Globalization of Arts and Cultures

Dr. BANG Joonseok

is currently a professor at the College of Pharmacy and a healthcare MBA program at the Graduate School of Business Administration. As a registered pharmacist, scientist, and entrepreneur, he researches innovation and development platform solutions managing chronic disease for the elderly mediated by community pharmacy settings.
Affiliation & Position: CEO, Haven Care Co. Ltd. Seoul, Korea

Topic : ‘Commercialization of digital healthcare technology to prepare for a rapid aging society: innovative and dynamic approaches for a healthy society like the Korean Wave’

Dr. LEE Donghan

Ph. D. in Business Administration Visiting Professor, Sookmyung University Graduate School of Business Director, Data Analysis Lab of Baropharm

Topic : ‘K-Start up: Present and Future’


🔹 Yong Gu Suh (Professor of Sookmyung Women’s University)


🔹 BAE Ilhyun (Professor of Hyupsung University)


Track3_Evolution of fandom, dynamics of Hallyu

Dr. Stefania Pozzi

I just obtained my PhD in Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Leeds and my thesis is titled “Korean Music Promotion in Japan: The Social and Cultural Impact of K-Pop Consumption”. Currently, I work as a fellow researcher at the Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute. My research interest lies in the exploration of the social and cultural impact of Korean music promotion in Japan, particularly in relation to the formation of representational idea of South Korea among Japanese fans of K-pop.

Topic : ‘Korean Music Promotion in Japan: The Transcultural Flow’s Characteristics of Familiarity and Hybridity in Japanese Promotion for K-pop’

Dr. Irina Lyan

is an Assistant Professor and the Head of the Korean Studies Program at the Department of Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research deals with South Korea’s economic miracle, known as “the Miracle on the Han River,” and the cultural miracle, known as “the Korean Wave,” or Hallyu. Irina has published several articles and book chapters on national images, imagery, and imagination, and their impact on the global positioning of Korea.

Topic : ‘Fandom makes the world go round: Institutional grassroots of Hallyu fan-entrepreneurship in Israel’

Dr. Nissim Otmazgin

is the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His PhD dissertation (Kyoto University, 2007), which examines Japan’s cultural politics in Asia, won the Iue Asia Pacific Research Prize for outstanding dissertation. He is the author of Regionalizing Culture: The Political Economy of Japanese Popular Culture in Asia (University of Hawaii Press, 2013) and The Anime Boom in the US: Lessons for Global Creative Industries (with Michal Daliot-Bul, Harvard University East Asia Press, 2017).

Topic : ‘Fandom makes the world go round: Institutional grassroots of Hallyu fan-entrepreneurship in Israel’

Ms. Cecilia Perez

creates engaging experiences for people, brands, and occasionally for BTS ARMY. She holds an MBA in Branding. Cecilia is one of the co-founders of Bangtan Scholars and is currently serving as the team lead. In addition, she has worked internationally with various government, corporate, non-profits, and university clients on projects in multiple sectors.

Topic : ‘From Idols to Global Leaders: The Importance of BTS’ Leadership in Culture and ESG’


🔹 Jessica COHEN (Creative Director, France)


🔹 Jimmyn PARC (Professor of University of Malaya, Malaysia)
🔹 Sylvie Octobre (researcher at the Ministry of Culture, France)
🔹 Gregory Lee Harrell (Baldwin Wallace Conservatory)


Track3_Young Researchers Session

Ms. Dmitrieva Mariia

is a Master student in the Department of Media and Communication at Korea University, who love to consume and research pop-culture.

Topic : ‘Cultural Differences in Fan Community Building: Focusing on BTS and ARMY’

Ms. Jing Huang

is Bachelor degree of Film and Media from Queen’s University and attending graduate school from the department of Media and Comunication at Korea University. Her current interest is about Sweet Home and how this genre implies social factors that could target a global audience.

Topic : ‘Representations in Sweet Home: local social factors implied in the dynamics between human characters and monsters.’

Dr. Melissa Rubio dos Santos

PhD in Literary Studies at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). MA in Comparative Literature from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Researcher in Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Korean Studies, Brazilian Studies and Latin American Studies. Granted National CNPq Scholarship as Master Degree student and as Doctorate Degree student. She is former Assistant Professor of the Department of Portuguese-Brazilian Studies at Dankook University and Brazilian Cultural Center at Seoul National University.

Topic : ‘A study on the reception of Contemporary Korean Literature: Diaspora and World literature in Lee Min Jin’s Pachinko novel.’

Ms. Anna Penkova

is a master student in Korea University, School of Media and Communication. She got her bachelor degree at Moscow State University, The Institute of Asian and African Studies, Korean language and literature.

Topic : ‘The transliteration problem of Korean names into Russian in Korean dramas’


🔹 Mathieu BERBIGUIER (University of California, Kyujanggak researcher, K-pop Fandom research, USA)


🔹 JunKyu Park (KDI commissioned expert)
🔹 Leah Rabinovitch (Professor of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)


Track1_Hallyu, women and multiculturalism

Ms. Leah Rabinovitch

is a graduate student in international relations and Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Leah’s thesis is about ecological practices among Korean housewives focusing on the role of popular social networks in the translation of global phenomena into a local context. She is the recipient of scholarships for an outstanding seminar paper as for her social contribution to the Asian Studies Department and for working with vulnerable populations.

Topic : ‘Clean the kitchen (and the world) with me: Ecological practices among Korean housewives on Youtube’

Dr. Susan Grantham

is a Professor in the School of Communication at the University of Hartford. She earned her doctorate in Communication at the University of Florida. Grantham has dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and conference presentations. Her research focuses on messaging effects with stakeholders.

Topic : ‘Turning the Page: K-Dramas Portrayal of Women’s Emerging Empowerment in the Modern Workplace’

Dr. Lucía Rud

is a Film Researcher from the University of Buenos Aires/ National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET). She studied Arts, Film, and Theater at the University of Buenos Aires and Cinema Direction and Production at Buenos Aires Comunicación College. She received her Ph.D. in Film Exhibition from the University of Buenos Aires and holds an M.A. in Cultural Diversity (Tres de Febrero University). During the past six years, she has been researching the transnational cultural ties between Argentina and South Korea.

Topic : ‘Traveler: Imaginaries of Latin America in Korean television’

Dr. Matías Benítez

is a Sociologist from the University of Buenos Aires. He is a researcher from the Institute of International Relations at the University of La Plata/National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) and a member of the Korean Studies Center at the same institution. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Social Sciences at the University of La Plata about the Korean Peninsula and Latin America relations during the Cold War.

Topic : ‘Traveler: Imaginaries of Latin America in Korean television’

Ms. Chinelo Chikelu

I am Chinelo Chikelu, a writer arts culture and sustainability enthusiast and creative communicator dedicated to deploying my skill in service to the voiceless, and being the change I want to see in the arts/culture space. I love to read, draw, watch movies, view arts and theatric events. My goal is to become and my independent social and culturepreneur.

Topic : ‘The Power of Social Media in Telling the Stories of Blacks and Blasians in South Korea and the Need for Korean Screen Representation of Black and Blasian Narratives’


🔹 Jeeheng LEE (Professor, Chung-Ang University, Korean culture researcher)


🔹 Lucia Rud (film researcher,University of Bueons Aires, Argentina)
🔹 Mathieu BERBIGUIER (University of California, Kyujanggak researcher, K-pop Fandom research, USA)
🔹 SONG Jungeun (Future Industry Strategy Institute(FISI))


Track2_Politics, policies, and images in the media

Ms. Romina Delmonte

is a PhD candidate in Social Sciences at Buenos Aires University. She holds a BA in Sociology and a MA in Social Sciences Research at the same University. She is also an instructor in courses on Korean history and in international migrations in the School of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires. Her research focus is on food, ethnicity and Asian migrations in Latin America. In her doctoral dissertation, she examines how cuisines are part of national narratives, the ways Korean and Chinese cuisines are recreated in Buenos Aires and how they relate to the performance of identities.

Topic : ‘Korean cuisine in Buenos Aires. Culinary capital, State policies and value dynamics’

Dr. Jimmyn Parc

is an associate professor at the University of Malaya, Malaysia. His current research focuses on cultural industries in Asia and Europe, which includes films, dramas, and music which are at critical juncture in the midst of a changing business and trade environment as well as new challenges in the form of digitization. He is also the co-author of The Untold Story of the Korean Film Industry: A Global Business and Economic Perspective, which was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2021.

Topic : ‘Political Manoeuvring in the Cultural Industries: The Surging Influence of China in Korean Films

Dr. Elad Segev

is an associate professor of International Communication and the Head of the DAN Department of Communication at Tel Aviv University. He studies the relationship between information and power from cross-national perspectives, focusing on global information flows, country image, Americanization and globalization, international news, information search and search strategies, and the digital divide. He employs data mining and network analysis techniques and explores new methods and applications in the social sciences.

Topic : ‘South Korea in the World Media Gaze: Squid Game vs. Kim Jong-il’

Dr. B.C. Ben Park

is a professor of sociology in Human Development and Family Studies at Pennsylvania State University – Brandywine. The research program he has pursued has focused on how socio-cultural changes, such as forces of globalization affect various groups and organizations as well as individual lives. This research has concerned number of topics, including the personal impacts of immigration, identity development of the youth, and mental health issues with special emphasis on self-destructive behaviors in modern society. The major strand of his research, however, has focused on politically motivated suicide. His recent research focuses on the link between culture and suicide. He has presented numerous research articles at both national and international conferences and published them in highly regarded scholarly journals as well as book chapters.

Topic : ‘The Triple Revolution and the Korean Wave: What need to be done to maintain continuity of cultural innovations’


🔹 Ophélie Surcouf (writer/journalist, France)


🔹 Irina Lyan (Professor of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
🔹 Nissim Otmazgin (Professor of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)


Track3_Online Session : New Platform New Wave

Ms. Virgine Sacoman

Master of Science in Communication from the University of the Rio dos Sinos Valley (UNISINOS), Brazil. Researcher at the Lab groups: Pop Culture, Communication and Technologies (CULTPOP) and Center for Asian Studies (CEA – UFF). Teacher and Website Content Editor – BrazilKorea. Research area: hallyu, fandom, K-pop fandom activism, Asian pop culture and platform activism.

Topic : ‘K-pop fandom and 2022 Elections in Brazil: the mobilizations in networks through the Twitter platform.’

Ms. Constanza Jorquera

is a B.A. in International Affairs, Master’s in International Studies, and Ph.D. Candidate in American Studies from the University of Santiago de Chile. She works as an Associate Researcher in the Chilean Korean Study Center Program at the University of Santiago de Chile and as an academic in international relations at University of Santiago de Chile, Diego Portales University and Alberto Hurtado University. Her areas of specialization and interest are international relations, foreign policy, cultural diplomacy, East Asian studies, Hallyu in Latin America, and peripheral thinking.

Topic : ‘All power to the fandoms: K-Pop Political activism in the case of the 2021 Chilean presidential election.’

Dr. Julia Trzcińska

is an Assistant Professor at the University of Wrocław, Poland. She holds a PhD in political science and administration. She is a member of Bosch Alumni Network and she graduated from Confucius Institute at the University of Wrocław. Her main research interests are political communication, soft power, public diplomacy and fan studies.

Topic : ‘“I can do both” – K-pop idols seen through the gaze of TikTok users’

Dr. Cansu Arısoy Gedik

Cansu Arısoy Gedik, completed her Sociology education at Middle East Technical University. She received her master’s degree from the Department of Political Communication at Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Culture with the thesis titled: “Lipstick and Suicide: A Comparative Study of Women Terrorists in the Print Media”. She began her doctoral studies at Salford University School of Arts and Media. In the meantime, she worked in various projects, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations. She still continues her doctoral studies at Istanbul Ticaret University’s Communication Science and Internet Institute, Media and Communication Studies Programme. She is also a full-time Lecturer at Istanbul Kent University. Her research interests specifically include information society, political communication, media and cultural studies, identity and gender studies. Arısoy Gedik’s national and international articles and papers are about conflict resolution, identity, popular culture, consumer society, feminist studies and communication studies.

Topic : ‘Sex-typing of Gender Identity: a cultural Perspective to K-Pop Idols’ Poptrayals of perceived Masculinity’

Ms. Melisa Pirol

received her bachelor’s degree from Selçuk University’s Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Promotion and Publicity in 2017. She received her master’s degree again from Selçuk University’s Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Promotion and Publicity with the thesis titled “The Role of Packaging in Consumer’s Approach to the Brand”. She began her doctoral studies at Istanbul University, Department of Public Relations and Publicity. In the meantime, she worked in various projects. She still continues her doctoral studies at Istanbul University. Also, she is a full-time Research Assistant at Istanbul Kent University. Her research interests specifically include brand management, marketing communication, self-presentation, media and cultural studies.

Topic : ‘Sex-typing of Gender Identity: a cultural Perspective to K-Pop Idols’ Poptrayals of perceived Masculinity’

Dr. Arnel E. Joven

is Assistant Professor and Chair of the History Department, University of Asia and the Pacific. Aside from History, Dr. Joven has taught Korean Studies under the Asia-Pacific Studies Department. From 2013 to 2018, Dr. Joven took up classes in Elementary Korean Language, Korean Cooking, and Taekwondo at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines. He has published an article on Hansik in the Philippines in 2015. From 2014 to 2015, he participated as a researcher in the Academy of Korean Studies – Overseas Korean Studies Incubation Program for UA&amp;P. In 2015, he joined the World Association for Hallyu Studies (WAHS), and in 2018, he was appointed as one of the regional presidents. Since 2018, he has been serving as a caretaker of the Korean Studies Program in UA&P.

Topic : ‘Overcoming the Pandemic and Transcending the Post-Pandemic Era: Hansik and Hallyu in the Philippine Context

Dr. Ly Quyet Tien

Lecturer and Researcher at Eastern International University (Binh Duong), Doctor Ly Quyet Tien has been guest lecturer at many universities in Vietnam. He holds bachelor’s degrees in History & in English from University of Social Sciences and Humanities. He also holds M.A. degrees in FLE from University of Rouen, in Vietnam History from the Southern Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities in HCMC. In 2008, he received his Ph.D. in Oriental Studies and Humanities from University of Paris 7- Diderot. Specialist in Vietnamese studies, he has participated as presenter in international conferences since 2014.

Topic : ‘The Future of Hallyu in Vietnam’


🔹 Sung-eun CHO (Professor of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)


🔹 Ly Quyet Tien (Professor of Eastern International University, Binh Duong, Vietnam)
🔹 Seongbin Hwang (Professor of Rikkyo University, Japan)
🔹 Cecilia Perez (co-founders of Bangtan Scholars)


Planery Session_Challenges and Future

Dr. SHIM Sangmin

is currently a professor in the Department of Media Communication at Sungshin Women’s University, College of Social Sciences. He graduated from the Department of Economics at the Yonsei University School of Commerce and Business, and obtained a master’s degree (MBA, Finance major) from George Washington University, USA, and a doctorate degree from the Yonsei University Graduate School of Business Administration. He has served as a senior researcher in the Samsung Economic Research Institute’s Management Strategy Office/Technology Industry Office, as a director of the Korea Culture and Content Agency, as an acting vice chairman/chairman of the Film Promotion Committee, and as president of the Korean Cultural Economics Association. His main areas of interest are content business research, content and creativity, culture and arts management research, cultural economics research, culture arts and media education (media literacy, etc.), digital and practical learning, digital culture, Korean wave research, globalization of Korean culture, culture Marketing, computer media and online communication, content business, media industry strategy, cultural industry prototype and technology research, humanities and social sciences industry-university collaboration and R&D, etc.

Topic : ‘Getting 「New Game Contents」 Moving’

Mr. SHIN Josh Seokjin

is the Vice President at Krafton, an international video game developer, leading the Creative Center for the production of Global Entertainment Creative. He produces one-of-a-kind digital creative for FPS games such as PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and PUBG: NEW STATE mobile. His recent project primarily focuses on strengthening creative capability and creating entertainment content that leverages ‘Virtual Human’ and ‘Virtual Production’. Prior to joining Krafton, he worked at Cheil Worldwide, an in-house agency of SAMSUNG where he served as Global Creative Director. His leadership is well represented in a host of Global Digital Campaigns, such as the Samsung Galaxy Mobile Campaign and a collaboration project with FILA, a fashion brand, and BTS, a K-Pop boy band. For the first time as a Korean, he has been honored with the Young Lion at the Cannes International Awards and his work has been recognized throughout a slew of internationally renowned awards including the Cannes Lions, One Show, New York Festivals, ADFEST, Spikes Asia, iF Design, and Red Dot Design, for which he served as a jury member as well.

Topic : ‘The Future of Creativity: PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS & Virtual Human ‘ANA”

Dr. JIN Youngsun

studied painting at Seoul national university and Pratt Institute in NY and later at Royal College of Art. Jin attained her PhD from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London. She was trained as a Fresco Mural artist at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and at ICCROM Roma which enabled her to reproduce a Goguryeo tumulus mural for the National Museum of Korea in 1996. Three collaborative works were done with Nam June Paik’s video sculptures: <Haeinsa fantasy> in Haeinsa Buddhist Museum; Dome mural for Joseon Royal Kiln Museum; and<Tiger lives> New millennium project, collection of Sejong Cultural Center in Seoul. Jin authored books and articles on fresco art, Goguryeo Murals, and NJP, “Humanized technology in Nam June Paik’s art” (Iljogak, 2012).
Ok-kwan(Jade) Order of Cultural Merits was conferred by the President of Korea.

Topic : ‘Times Reimagined: PAIK Nam June’s Dream realized in 21st Century’

Dr. Benjamin Joinau

is a doctor of Cultural Anthropology specialized in Korean Studies. He is an associate researcher of the Center of Korean Studies (CRC) at EHESS, Paris, and professor at Hongik University, Seoul. He has been living and working in South Korea since 1994. He is also the director of the publishing company Atelier des Cahiers, the winner of the 2014 France-Korea Cultural Prize and the author of several books and articles about Korean culture.

Topic : ‘The « manhwa », a new platform for societal questions’

Mr. Stephan BOSCHAT

is co-founder and president of MAKMA, Europe’s largest comic book adaptation & creative studio, at the origin of the term printoonization. Stephan is a graduate in science, communication and law. Specialising in the development of innovative projects, he is also a comic book writer, a graphic designer, an author and scenarist. He writes and produces several webtoons project.

Topic : ‘Potential of Webtoon in Europe and in particular the transition to printed books’

Dr. SHIN Haerin

is an assistant professor of Media Studies at Korea University. Shin’s research fields include Asian American literature, science fiction, and digital media with emphasis on artificial intelligence. She has written on cyberbullying, posthuman spirituality, techno-Orientalism, and surveillance technologies, and is now working on books on Asian American science fiction and the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Topic : ‘Compression Culture: The Alternate Lives of Webtoons in the Korean Mediasphere’


🔹 Siyeun Moon (President of World Association for Hallyu Studies)


🔹 Jessica COHEN (Chief Editor-in-Chief, French K-Society Magazine)
🔹 Sam Richards (Professor of Pennsylvania State University)
🔹 CHOI Hang-seop (Professor of Kookmin University)
🔹 LEE Tae-Jun (Professor of KDI School of Public Policy and Management)

Congratulatory Speeches

Dr. Moon Siyeon

Work Experience
2021 – Present President of World Association for Hallyu Studies
2021 – Present Vice President of Korean Federation of Wome Professors
2018 – Present Board Member of Korea-France Association
2020 – President of Association des études de la culture française et des arts en France
2007 – 2013 Secretary General, France Academic Service Order Member Association (AMOPA, Association des Membres de l’Ordre de Palmes Academiques)
Work Experience in Sookmyung Women’s University
1997 – Present Professor, Department of French Language and Culture, Sookmyung Women’s University
2007 – Present Director, Master of Culture Management, Graduate School of Public Policy, Sookmyung Women’s University
2018 – 2020 Librarian of the Main Library, Sookmyung Women’s University
2012 – Dean, Korean Cultural Institute, Sookmyung Women’s University
2008 – 2012 Chief Editor of ‘Sookmyung Times’
2000 – 2001 Assistant Director, The Research Institute of Asian Women, Sookmyung Women’s University
Awards and Honors
2010 The Order of Merit for Culture and Arts of France (des Arts et des Lettres, Officier)
2007 The Order of Merit for Education of France (Palmes Academiques, Chevalier)

Mr. JUNG Kilhwa

Received his Ph.D. in Journalism and Media from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.
Profile  Joined MBC in 1984, Director of Promotion Relations, Chief Producer of Current Affairs and Culture,Mid/South American Branch CEO and Correspondent The 12th President of PD Association Board member for the Korean Association for Broadcasting and Telecommunications Studies Adjunct Professor in the Department of Culture and Contents, Aju University
Present  President of the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) (2021~ ) Awards  Broadcasting Award, Unification Media Award, Democratic Media Award, Samsung Media Award, Korea Media Award, etc.
Books  The Squid Game and Content Revolution (co-authored)

Mr. SEONG Ghihong

is CEO of Yonhap News Agency.
He joined Yonhap News in 1992 and served as a Washington correspondent, political director, political editor, editorial member, foreign language editor, and Yonhap News TV news director.

Mr. Philippe LEFORT

is currently the Ambassador of France to the Republic of Korea. Previously, he served as Director general for Information Systems in the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. Initially a linguist, his carrier in the French diplomacy spans more than twenty years, during which he served in numerous positions and capitals, including Tokyo, Washington, Moscow, Tbilissi, as Ambassador in Georgia and Brussels, as Special Representative of the European Union for the Caucasus.

Mr. Akiva Tor

is currently the Ambassador of Israel to the Republic of Korea. Previously he served as Head of Bureau for World Jewish Affairs and World Religions at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consul General of Israel in San Francisco, Director of the Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, Deputy Director for Palestinian Affairs in the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and as World Jewish Affairs Adviser to the President of Israel. Akiva is a graduate of the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, and holds an MA degree from Hebrew University in Jewish political thought and a BA from Columbia University in general philosophy. He has written and lectured on Jewish values in the foreign policy of Israel and on ethical considerations in international relations. He served as a paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces and as an infantry captain in the IDF reserves.

Ms. YU Sejin

▫️ Yonhapnews MC
▫️ <K Story> MC/Writer
▫️ MC and voice actor in KBS Public documentary <Docu ON>
▫️ Gugak Broadcasting
▫️ <Sunshine on the Window> Tuesday Host

Ms. KIM Youngmi

Academic Director of WAHS CEO of MUSHROOM (www.mush-room.co.kr) and Visiting Professor of Sookmyung Women’s University Graduate School of Professional Studies.

Ms. Ophélie Surcouf

I’m a writer from France living all over the world to write about Korea, tech and pop-culture. I offer consulting, monitoring and training to companies on the Korean Wave global phenomenon. Gen Z, in particular, is already passionate about K-Dramas, K-Pop, Webtoons, K-Fashion and K-Beauty, while a growing older audience is getting interested in them.

Dr. LEE Jangwoo

◾ President of World Cultural Industry Forum(WCIF), Non-executive director of the Korea Foundation, Chairman of Daegu International Musical Festival(DIMF), Emeritus professor of management at Kyungpook National University
◾ (Former) President of the Korean Academic Society of Business Administration (KASBA), Chairman of Korea Electronics Technology Institutes (KETI), Advisory member in the Constitutional Court
◾ Author of twenty books including ‘K-pop Innovation’

Dr. KIM Chulwon

is currently a professor at the College of Hotel and Tourism Management, Kyung Hee University, Korea. His interests include MICE tourism, cultural tourism, leisure, competitiveness, sustainable tourism management, and international tourism policy. His most recent projects focus on evaluation and consultation on regional tourism competitiveness, MICE intelligence, and cultural heritage and peace tourism with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Dr. SUH Yong-gu

Ms. Jessica COHEN

I worked for 12 years as communication director for GONG Tv Channel, currently leader in France about broadcasting of Korean programs (K-Drama, Music, E-sport, Entertainment…) I participated in the broadcasting of Korean Drama since 2011 on GONG TV, as well as for the first time in Live on TV in France, The Mnet Asian Music Awards.
Consultante and Specialist in Korean Drama, I animated a conference on Korean Culture in Korean Drama at the Korean Culture Center in Paris, participating in the Cultural review with an article about Korean Drama in France and also consulting for festivals such as Cannes Series.
With my passion for K-Drama and Korean Culture, I founded the Magazine K-Society in 2019 – Korean Drama & LifeStyle with a special issu release this summer about Webtoon phenomen in France. I’m actually editor in chef of K-Sociey Magazine – www.ksociety.fr and consultante Hallyu specialist in Kdrama & Webtoon

Mr. Mathieu Berbiguier

is a Ph. D. candidate in Asian Languages & Cultures (Korean Cultural Studies major) at UCLA, with a concentration in Gender Studies and Digital Humanities. After a Junior Fellowship at Kyujanggak Institute of Korean Studies, he is actually a fellow at the Academy of Korean Studies. His research interests revolve around Korean Popular Culture and its expansion, focusing on K-pop fandoms. In his project, he looks at power dynamics within the K-pop fandom(s) – a term that he uses to englobe fans inside and outside of Korea – and how those are entangled by an imagined sense of authenticity towards K-pop.

Dr. LEE Jeeheng

is currently teaching film & cultural studies at Chung-Ang University(Seoul, South Korea). Her recent publication is <BTS and ARMY Culture>(2019) & <Femidology>(2022).

Dr. CHO Sung-eun

is Professor in the Department of English for International Conferences and Communication (EICC) at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea. She has presented numerous papers in various international Translation Studies conferences and her fields of interests are audiovisual translation, fan translation and translation of Korean cultural content. She is currently the president of the Korean Association of Translation Studies.

Mr. Lucky

Mr. Carlos GORITO

Education Advisor (Brazil, Embassy of Brazil in Seoul)

Mr. Sebastien Falletti

is the Seoul based East Asia correspondent for French daily Le Figaro, covering geopolitics, politics, business as well as trends in Korea and across the region. He was previously based in Beijing, Shanghai and Brussels as journalist and travels extensively across East Asia. He is the author of “A thousand miles to freedom: my escape from North Korea” (St Martin’s press) with North Korean defector Eunsun Kim, as well “Corée du sud, le goût du miracle” (Nevicata) an introduction to South Korea. Sebastien also contributes regularly to numerous media including France 24, Asia Times or Arirang TV. He was born in Paris and studied at the London School of Economics, and Sorbonne University.

Dr. HONG Kyusun

Professor(Ph. D), Specialist of Tourism Development
Chairman – Korea Academic Society of Travel
Chairman – The Association of Korea Industry Tourism Promotion (Industry 4.0)
Consultant – Seoul Metropolitan City, Government Subsidies Deliberation
Consultant – The Association of Korea Travel Agents
Consultant – The Association of Seoul Metropolitan City Tourism
Consultant – The Association of Korea Camping Site, Gunpo-City, Dangjin-City, etc.
Consultant – Metabus(VR/AR, Zepeto), Media Arts, Skywalk, Tourism Attractions, etc.
Appearance of TV Program (KBS, SBS, Yonhap news, JTBC, M6(France), MBC etc.)

Dr. YANG Jihoon

Mr. LIM Sunghee

2022. 1~ Present, SK Broadband, Director
◻ New Business Development

2019. 1~ 2021.12, SK Telecom, Director
◻ Developing Media Business Model using 5G and AI technologies

2017. 11~ 2018.12, iRiver Inc, Vice President
◻ Developing new brand “Activo”(HiFi Digital Audio Player) connected with Kpop Content Platform(Vyrl)
◻ Making Music/Video Contents via Partnership with SM Entertainment and SK Platforms(Music, OTT Video, AI Speaker)

2016. 12~ 2017. 11, SM Mobile Communications, Vice President
◻ Partnership with Platforms(Music, OTT Video, AI Speaker)
◻ Kpop Content Platform “Vyrl” operation and upgrade

Mr. PARK Moon

After graduation from international economics of Seoul National Univ. and its MBA, Mr. Moon Park, presently partner at KPMG Korea started his career from 1998 at trade disputes settlement for industries including steel, petrochemical, electronics, and automotive sectors. Based on expertise of the global value chain and industrial ecosystem, he developed behavioral science-based service design embedded into smart city, digital manufacturing, or ag-tech paradigms from 2015. Collaborating with Korea Development Institute, he also led Thinking Designers Forum purposed for digital transformation fusing public and private sectors, resulting in ‘a beautiful policy design’ incentivizing private investors to participate voluntarily. From 2021, he is developing the creator economy, leveraging web 3.0, and digital economy-related trade affairs, architecting multi-dimensional value chains. By leading them, he contributes to building new industrial stream, value chain, and their ecosystem for local, national, and regional economies. Recently he tries diligently to apply those experience and expertise to create new value chain and global ecosystem leveraging Hallyu people/places, practices, and processes.

Dr. KIM Youngmoon

Dr. HAN Ju hyoung

is an associate professor in Department of Tourism Administration, College of Business Administration at Kangwon National University in South Korea. Her research interests include sustainable tourism, cultural tourism, and international tourism.

Dr. CHOI Kitak

Mr. PARK Junkyu

I work as commissioned expert in the Korea Development Institiution. I graduated Chung-nam University and currently working in a Capacity Building Division. I have a big interest on Hallyu and very honored to participate to this program.

Mr. Gregory Lee Harrell

is an award-winning Professor of Voice for the top-ranked musical theatre program at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory. Mr. Harrell completed his Master of Music at University of Idaho’s Lionel Hampton School of Music and has trained at the Manhattan School of Music’s Professional Musical Theater Program. As an operatic baritone, he has sung at New York City Opera, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center′s Avery Fisher Hall, Kennedy Center, Opera Orchestra of New York, and Washington National Opera. Harrell′s work also includes film, TV and radio commercials, tours, and numerous musicals and plays. His students have performed in over fifty Broadway shows and forty-eight Off-Broadway, forty national and international tours, TV, and films.

Dr. LEE Taejun

is a professor at KDI (Korea Development Institute) School of Public Policy and Management and holds the Head of the Open Government & Innovation (OGI) Lab at KDI School of Public Policy and Management and is Adjunct Research Fellow of KDI. Trained as a social scientist, he is dedicated to rethinking and redesigning policy process and governance culture for social inclusion, innovation and entrepreneurship, local development, and environmental sustainability in the era of digital transformation. His major interests are in the fields of culture and local development, public communication and media, open government and social innovation and digital government and smart cities. Dr. Lee advises governments, international organizations, research communities, private sector companies and NGOs, such as the Executive Office of the President, the Office for Governmental Policy Coordination, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Ministry of Personnel Management, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Science and ICT, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea Electric Power Corporation, and Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power and international societies and organizations (e.g., OECD, UN, World Bank, Open Government Partnership and some foreign governments). In 2021-2022, he leads an open policy innovation network convened by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism that meet the needs and priorities of policymakers, industries, startups, universities, international organizations and the wider research community working in the K-Culture (“Hallyu”) ecosystem.

Dr. CHOI Hangsub

is Professor of Sociology in Kookmin University. He had bachelor in Seoul National University, and master and PHD in University of Sorbonne, France in 2000. His main research interests are sociology of media and of information technology., and futures study, He has published several journal articles and books and chapters in Korean, French, and English. HIs recent publication includes “A Sociological Study on the Disgust of the Young Generation toward the Elderly in Korean Society”(2021), “The nomadic consumption of young Koreans”(2020, in French). He is also vice-president of Cyber-communication Academic Society.