(사)세계한류학회는 세계적인 문화 아이콘으로 등장한 한류와
지구적 차원에서 전개되고 있는 한류 연구의 가교를 마련하고자 다방면의 연구자들과 한류 종사자들이 함께 만든 국제 학회입니다.

2013년 1월 창립총회를 시작으로 3월 문화체육관광부로부터 사단법인 설립 허가를 받았으며,
2021년 현재 36개 해외지부와 26개국가를 대표하는 글로벌 네트워크를 구성하여 한류를 통한 국제 소통과 발전에 일익을 담당하고 있습니다.

The World Association for Hallyu Studies (WAHS) is an international organization of Hallyu researchers and practitioners in diverse disciplines.
In light of Hallyu’s emergence as a cultural icon and a key field of study across the globe, WAHS aims to bridge its theory and practice. 

Following its inaugural general meeting in January 2013, WAHS was granted permission to incorporate from the Ministry of culture, Sports and Tourism in March. Since 2021. WAHS has formed 36 overseas branches to build a global network across 26 countries, facilitating transnational collaboration and communication through Hallyu.

Registered as a legal donation organization (June 30, 2016)
Incorporated under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

President's Greetings

최근 한류가 이룬 성과로 우리문화전반뿐만 아니라 대한민국에 대한 세계적인 관심이 증가하고 있습니다.
그 결과, 대한민국 문화는 유사이래, 김구선생이 문화강국의 꿈을 가진 이래 최대의 전성기를 맞고 있습니다.

세계적인 플랫폼들을 통한 콘텐츠 소비, 유통으로 국제적인 경쟁이 심화되고 있는 것도 사실이지만,
우리 문화는 뛰어난 문화역량으로 디지털 플랫폼의 혜택을 가장 많이 누리고 있다고 해도 과언이 아닙니다.

문화선도국가로 도약한 대한민국은 이러한 문화적 쾌거에 자부심을 느끼는 것에 그치지 말고, 이런 현상을 연구하고 이론화하며 교류해야 할 것입니다.

이에 세계한류학회는 한류의 지속, 심화, 확산을 위해 국제문화교류와 협력을 강화하여
전 세계의 한류학자들과 연구자, 학생들이 네트워크 할 수 있는 연구, 교류 플랫폼을 더욱 활성화하겠습니다.
세계한류학회의 이러한 국제문화소통노력에 많은 관심과 지지를 부탁드립니다.

With its recent strides, Hallyu (the Korean Wave) has been calling the world’s attention not only Korean but the country of Korea itself. Bringing Kim Ku’s pioneering vision to bear upon the fabrics of contemporaneity Korea is indeed claiming the seat of a cultural powerhouse.

Undeterred by the growing intensity of international competition with global platforms that accelerate and pace of content consumption and distribution, Korean culture is demonstrating a sustainable capacity on the merits of digital infrastructure.

Rather than stopping short at merely celebrating or marveling at such feats, we must keep an open channel of communication to further analyze, reflect on, and study Hallyu as a phenomenon.

As such, the World Association for Hallyu Studies (WAHS) will strive to facilitate cultural exchange and collaboration across scholars, researchers, and students of Hallyu towards the aim of its cultivation and enrichment, serving as a vital platform for research and networking. We look forward to your interest in, and support for WAHS’s efforts.

World Association for Hallyu Studies
President Siyeun, Moon

Board Members


The 3rd President

Prof. Siyeun, Moon

Sookmyung Women’s University

Professional Experience


Vice President

Prof. Chulwon, Kim

President, Tourism development & quality research Society
Professor of Hotel and Tourism College, Kyunghee University

Prof. Yonggu, Suh

Dean, Sookmyung Women’s University Graduate School of Business

Prof. Il-hyeon, Bae

Professor, Department of Distribution Management, Hyupseong University

Prof. Chan-Wook, Park

Director, Culture Industry Center, Culture and tourism Research Institute

CEO. Young-moon, Kim

CEO, Mayfield Hotel
Non-executive director, Korea Culture & Tourism Institute

The 9th Congress Organizer

KIM Youngmi

Academic Director of WAHS
CEO of MUSHROOM (www.mush-room.co.kr)
Visiting Professor of Sookmyung Women’s University Graduate School of Professional Studies.

SHIN Haerin

is an assistant professor of Media Studies at Korea University. Shin’s research fields include Asian American literature, science fiction, and digital media with emphasis on artificial intelligence. She has written on cyberbullying, posthuman spirituality, techno-Orientalism, and surveillance technologies, and is now working on books on Asian American science fiction and the ethics of artificial intelligence.

HWANG Hyeseon

Director of General Affairs, WAHS

LEE Hyunjong

Department of Global Tourism Management,
Shinhan University

BAK Chaelim

Web & Proceeding, Communication Manager